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Janna Marie
I'm nothing more but an anime addict
I reeaaaaally love Katekyo Hitman reborn
I sometimes act tomboyish cuz thats how I am... a tomboy :D
thats how I usually live like XD
got a prob with it?
Dear Arthur,

                Remember the old days when we were together? When I was still a kid? Yeah, I missed that... I really liked writing letters to you... And I loved those times when I get your replies... And that when you don't reply back in 3 days I'll just send another one. Since I missed those times, I decided to start writing to you again. I just can't stand it being without you... You really mean a lot to me. Francis and Matthew? They're alright... But I don't know why they're trying so hard to keep me from writing to you. Even though you don't reply to them... It's fine. This is just the 5th one right? I just want to write to you everything I feel about you. From your forest green eyes, to your adorable personality. Oh, I bought tickets for us to go and watch that movie you loved... I reserved two seats in that restaurant you loved too. I want to talk about our country problems in the next meeting. I want to smile at every solution you have to my problems, then I want to see you smile to my solutions. I want to see you smile everyday... So please come back, don't leave me alone... I really want to be with you again. I want to look at your eyes again... Everyday, I sit here at my desk hoping you'd reply to one of my letters soon... I miss the way you overreact, I miss your cooking... I absolutely missed the way things were... I really hope you come back Arthur. Once you do, I'll love you more and I'll hug you to no end... I just wish I could... Even if I have to see you in the same hospital bed and your body was fitted to different contraptions... I don't care, I just want to hold you again...
                                                                                                                                          - Alfred

((Let's see how many people will get this.))

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